What are Some Tips for Applying for Online Freelance Writing Jobs?

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The popularity of the Internet has led to the need for many online freelance writers. Some jobs are on-site positions, but many can be done remotely from home. The competition can be fierce for online freelance writing jobs, but a few simple tips to use when applying to these online jobs may help you stand out:

Timing is Everything!

With so many people looking to write from home these days, you have to apply pretty quickly to decent online freelance writing jobs. As a general rule of thumb, if a desirable writing job has been advertised more than two days, chances are the position is already filled and/or no more applications are being accepted. If you have a great resume already prepared and ready to go, this will save you a lot of time. However, make sure to make adjustments to your resume so that it is specific to each writing job you apply for.

Make Sure the Work Offered is Legitimate

While there are many legitimate online freelance writing jobs advertised on the Internet each day, you'll need to sift out the scam job offers. No legitimate writing job will ask you to send money of any amount, so that should be your first clue. If the compensation for the job sounds ridiculously high, especially if the experience level expected is low, this is another clue that the job may be a scam.


Make Sure the Job is Right for You

Make sure that the pay for the work is going to work for you. It can be tempting for writers to take any online freelance writing jobs they can get, but if the money is not enough to meet your needs you may be better off passing these jobs by. Read the ad several times to make sure the job description matches your skills and interests. You don't want to waste time applying for something that you're neither truly interested in nor properly qualified to do.

Use a Subject Line that is Both Relevant and Attention-Getting

When applying for a writing job by email, the subject line should stand out from the possibly hundreds of others responding to the ad. After all, it is a writing job and good writers should be able to communicate well even in a few words. Analyze the ad to find out what exactly they are looking for and then sell yourself in your subject line. For example, if the ad mentions they are looking for a creative thinker above all else, your subject line could be Talented Creative Thinker.

Write a Compelling Cover Letter

Writing a good cover letter may take an hour or even two, but it could also put you ahead of many other applicants. Especially since the purpose of the letter is to get online freelance writing jobs, your cover letter must express your suitability for the job in the most convincing way possible. You shouldn’t simply write that you are perfect for the position, but take the time to explain how and why the job is right for you. Why should the editor or client pick you over everyone else?

Follow Directions Exactly!

If you don't follow the directions in the job ad exactly, you should probably give up before you even start! This may sound harsh, but writers are expected to be excellent communicators and this means listening as well as writing. If the ad says no attachments please and you send attachments, this sends a clear message that you are a writer that is incapable of following even the simplest directions.

Don't Give Up!

While it's unrealistic to expect to get every online freelance writing job you apply for, an average of at least one out of every ten is a reasonable goal to aim for. If you find you're averaging less than that, rethink the positions you're applying to and try to determine the problem. The idea is to apply to jobs that match your skills, experience and interests ideally and prove that match in your cover letter, resume and writing samples.



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Knowing what kind of writer you are will help you find your niche online.

If traveling is your thing, then finding travel writing jobs online should be your goal. Don't settle for blogger jobs about raising kids if travel is your main focus. Be true to yourself when searching for an online writing position.

And above all, be patient, keep applying, and keep looking on job boards for the position that is meant for you.

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Freelance writing jobs from home sounds like a perfectly easy way to work from home while taking care of family. And it can be a great way to pay a few bills, or if you luck out, pay all the bills while taking care of children or elderly parents from home.

My tip for writers who are applying for online writing jobs is this: Apply for both upfront paying jobs and residual paying jobs.

Between the two, you'll have money paid out to help with bills and residual payment that, over the long run, will be like a savings account or retirement account that starts small, but adds up over the long run.

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