What are Some Shower Accessories?

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The shower has increasingly been adapted for greater comfort and convenience which has led to numerous shower accessories to provide people with lots of different options when showering. Sometimes shower accessories are defined as the various types of shower hardware like the shower head, faucet and taps, but more often, these extras in the shower include things like fogless mirrors or caddies that provide additional storage space.

People with smaller showers or those that don’t have adequate space around the tub may particularly enjoy shower caddies. These are small shelved units that can fit over the showerhead and store things like razors, shampoo and conditioner, and soap. Alternate versions of caddies can hang easily on curtain bars. A few are wall-mounted and with a little skill can easily be installed in a shower.

Many men like to shave in the shower and may want something like a shower mirror for this purpose because it makes shaving easier. Such mirrors are usually attached to walls with suction cups and do not fog up even when hot steamy water is being used near them. Shower mirrors can be simple or others may have a place to hold razors and shaving cream, and a few even feature radios.


Singing in the shower is a common pursuit and even those who don’t want shower accessories like mirrors may appreciate some source of music in the shower. There are waterproof radios, CD players and MP3 players or docks that can add accompaniment to the shower soloist. For those who choose not to sing, radios may be one of the better options, as showering folks can listen to the news or a favorite talk radio program.

Additional shower accessories can include plenty of things attached to the bar of the shower. If people want their towel in reach when climbing out of the shower, they can place a hanging towel bar on the shower curtain rod or shower door. Hanging bars on shower curtain rods can be excellent for another purpose. They can be used to hang wet clothing to dry, too.

The only problem with extending showers, especially when distracting music is available, is that people can use too much water. One of the new shower accessories intended for those who want to “go green” is a shower meter. A British company began manufacturing the Eco Showerdrop® in the late 2000s that calculates how much water is being used during a shower. This can help people remain aware of excess water use and keep showers to a reasonable time limit. Of course a clock in the shower can also help the environmentally conscious reduce length of showers.



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Post 2

I don't know if a shower seat would be considered an accessory, but I really enjoy having a seat in the shower to sit down on. It really comes in handy when you want to shave your legs.

I have also been thankful for my shower seat after recovering from surgery. It made the whole process much easier. I just don't like climbing in and out of a bathtub and have always preferred taking showers.

Post 1

I have never really given much thought to shower accessories until reading this article. I like to keep a small container that is mounted with suction cups to keep my razors in. It is also nice to have some small containers to keep bottles of soap and shampoo organized.

I never have been one to do much singing in the shower. I am usually making a note of everything I need to accomplish for the day.

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