What are Some Remedies for a Mosquito Bite?

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Many people around the world are familiar with the mosquito bite. While the bite causes little distress for some, others experience severe itching and inflammation of the skin around the area of the bite. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to relieve mosquito bites, including home remedies using items that are found around the house.

The local pharmacy is a good place to find creams and lotions that will help to calm the itching of a mosquito bite. Two longtime standards are calamine lotion and witch hazel. Both are applied topically to the area of the bite. Often they can bring itch relief in a matter of minutes. However, several applications may be required before the itching subsides.

One time honored home remedy that can provide mosquito bite itch relief involves the use of a lemon. The lemon is cut into two sections and used to scratch the itch, rather than using fingernails for the task. The acid in the lemon helps to alleviate some of the itching and also prevents further skin damage that can occur from the constant scratching.


Another effective way to treat a mosquito bite is applying the juice from an aloe vera plant. While more commonly associated with use for minor burns, the aloe juice can also help to ease the severity of the itching and make it easier to not scratch the area. Simply breaking off a small section of an aloe plant and rubbing the pulpy end over the mosquito bite will bring relief in a short period of time.

If there is apple cider vinegar in the cupboard, it is also possible to ease the discomfort caused by mosquito bites. The vinegar helps to disinfect the area as well as provide the skin with trace amounts of nutrients that promote healing. The apple cider vinegar may burn for a moment after application, but a sense of coolness and a cessation of itching follows shortly thereafter.

There are several other home mosquito bite remedies that people have used. A paste made from baking soda and water is said to draw the inflammation out of the bite, eliminating the itching in a short period of time. Toothpaste, in like manner, is sometimes used to protect the area and also ease the itching. There are even some reports that using a stock deodorant to cover the mosquito bite will provide relief in minutes.

Home remedies for a mosquito bite often work well, assuming the individual does not experience a severe reaction to the bite. When this type of reaction occurs, it is best to seek medical attention immediately. A qualified physician can identify the nature of the reaction and treat the condition before there is a chance for additional discomfort to occur.



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