What are Some Quick Ways to get my Home Cleaner?

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Many of us dislike lengthy cleaning chores, but would prefer our homes to be spotless and organized. By spending just a few minutes every day, or nearly every day, you can still get your home neat and sparkling without spending hours and hours of cleaning all at once. Quick ways to get your home cleaner in just minutes a day include daily wiping and weekly de-cluttering, as well as dusting and other simple chores.

Daily wiping is especially important in kitchen areas, and you could wipe the inside of the fridge one day and the outside of the fridge, plus maybe the outside of the stove, on another day. You'll also need to wipe furniture and areas that don't get clean well with dusting alone. You might want to choose a task that you can do throughout your entire home at once, such as wipe all of the light switch plates and/or removable dirt spots on all walls.


Weekly de-cluttering is a must while you're trying to find quick ways to get your home cleaner. If piles of shoes greet guests at the front door or stacks of papers and books are cluttering your tables, your carpets and tabletops could be spotless underneath but no one would ever know it due to all the clutter. If you spend just 20 minutes or so one day a week going quickly from room to room and putting away the clutter, you can save yourself from having to deal with huge messes piling up everywhere.

Regular dusting and other quick chores such as vacuuming or organizing a sock drawer can also save you from having to spend hours and hours of cleaning all in one day. It's a great idea to make a simple cleaning schedule that is workable for you. For example, you may want to do a quick chore each day of the week or five days out of the week. By spending a short amount of your day on cleaning, you still have a lot of time for other things, but you're also keeping up with the dirt and clutter that can otherwise invade your clean home. By breaking all of the cleaning into quick, individual tasks, you can keep your home cleaner without spending a huge amount of time &mash; as long as you stick to your daily schedule.



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I like to use one of those little robots for vacuuming. So while the dust from the floor is being picked up, i can be doing something else. But, there is actually a side benefit to household chores, it is apparently a mood elevating activity. It seems that simple activities like dusting, sweeping, gardening add to our well being.

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