What are Some Phyto Products?

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Phyto, a plant based dietary supplement, is sold as a nutritional supplement to be ingested, as well as an ingredient in beauty product lines, primarily for hair care. Both forms utilize vitamins and minerals occurring in natural foods to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. Phyto products were originally targeted for those with more severe hair loss issues, dry scalp, and brittle, lifeless locks, but now phyto products are available for all hair types, and are aimed at improving the skin, hair, and nails of all.

Many phyto products are created as a solution for dry hair, including shampoos, conditioners, and serums. This is a common issue due to the chemical damage hair withstands from repeated coloring, heat styling, and sun damage from long hours outside without a protective barrier from the sun. The technical explanation for this is a depletion of the hydrolipidic film which serves as a barrier against external stress. Without this barrier, hair becomes fragile and dehydrated. Phyto products are developed to rehydrate, protect, and moisturize hair. Specifically, polypeptide chains which comprise the hair follicle are repaired with hydrolized plant and silk proteins, as well as keratin.


Phyto products are also created to combat the weakness associated with aging hair. Phytodensium serum is the hero to this hair issue, and is supported with the use of a special shampoo. Plant extracts in phyto products protect aging hair from free radicals and increase elasticity and strength. Hair is fortified and the appearance of gray hair is reduced.

Sun care is one of the fastest growing product lines in the phyto family. UVA and UVB radiation wreak havoc on hair, and when you add in saltwater, wind, and chlorine, hair becomes brittle and rough. The aim of phyto hair products as a protector against sun damage is to repair, protect, and prevent further damage. Keratin and melanin coat hair, and they must be restored to improve the look and feel of sun damaged tresses. Phyto products in this category include a protective masque, a special spray to use at the beach, and a moisturizing hair and body wash.

Hair loss can be emotionally tragic and affects a much larger population than some might realize. Phyto products have been developed over many years to serve as a solution to this condition. Hair loss items are made to soothe, nourish, and stimulate the roots of hair to promote hair growth.

Many other product categories in the phyto family exist, including more hair issue resolutions, skin care products, and bath and body supplies. They’ve become a sought after item as consumers become more and more interested in using natural products in lieu of harsh chemicals.



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