What are Some Home Remedies for Depression?

Occasional periods of being depressed are not unusual. If you experience minor, transient bouts of depression, there are several courses of action that may help to relieve the condition. Many of these approaches involve home remedies for depression that may be easily managed with the support of loved ones. Along with help from friends and family, many remedies for mild depression also demand making some changes in lifestyle in order to improve the situation. As with any serious medical condition, bouts of depression that recur frequently and are accompanied by fatigue, mood swings, and the inability to function normally, should be treated by a doctor or psychiatrist. Some forms of depression must be treated with therapy and medication in order to be resolved. If you feel that your depression is serious and cannot be treated with simple home remedies, then do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

In order to deal with mild depression, the use of exercise cannot be underestimated. Even something as simple as thirty minutes of walking at a fast pace can make an impact on the mind set of the individual. People who tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to experience periods of depression. Spending time working the muscles of the body helps to release endorphins, which lift the mood and thus lessen the level of depression.


Diet is one of the more powerful remedies for mild depression. Poor eating habits can have a big impact on the emotional state. Replacing junk food and other sources of empty calories will often help to improve the general outlook, while providing needed energy for the body to function at a higher level of efficiency. Along with junk food, limit or abstain from alcohol consumption. Try to limit your intake of foods with that are high in cholesterol and carbohydrates, so that you keep your daily intake within reason. Increasing your intake of chicken, fish, and green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and collards will provide nutrition that supports a healthy body, and in turn promotes a good mental outlook.

Vitamins and herbal supplements are often cited as remedies for depression. Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex are said to be effective. Among minerals, selenium is often recommended for depression. Herbs that are considered helpful are often found in the kitchen spice rack. Ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper are all understood to contain properties that help to restore a state of emotional balance.

Medication can also be a source of depression. Drug reactions may create an interruption in sleeping patterns or cause other side effects that result in depression. If you are on prescription medication, check with your doctor to see if your medicine may be a factor in your depressed state.

Perhaps one of the most common causes for depression is the presence of stress. While some amount of stress is actually good, prolonged exposure to intense stress will result in emotional and eventually physical problems. Finding ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress is one of the most effective remedies for mild depression, with results often visible in a very short period of time.



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It appears that exercise can be as effective as antidepressants in treating depression. Some studies have shown that a minimum of 3 hours of aerobic activity per week reduces significantly the symptoms in people with mild to moderate depression. Researchers speculate that the exercise increases blood flow to the brain, and stimulates brain chemicals like serotonin which regulate mood.

Some exercise is better then none, however, to really enjoy the benefits, working up a sweat is what is needed. It goes without saying that a doctor should be consulted with any medical issue.

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Depression is also a serious illness that may not respond to home remedies. When symptoms of depression are not transient, a person should always seek the advice of at least a physician and preferably a psychiatrist to determine if their depression is based on chemical dysfunction.

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