What are Some Healthy Pregnancy Tips?

There are plenty of healthy pregnancy tips. These can include suggestions on taking vitamins, avoiding certain behaviors while encouraging others, and paying attention to good diet and exercise. Yet the most important of the healthy pregnancy tips is getting consistent prenatal care.

A healthy baby and pregnancy is far more likely when women see a doctor regularly from beginning to end of pregnancy. Lack of prenatal care corresponds to doubling the risk of having a pre-term baby (one born before 36 weeks). It also greatly increases risk of infant death in the first 30 days of life, and the risk in the US stands at 40% for women who aren’t able to get prenatal care. These statistics are extremely daunting, and pregnant women should do all they can to find sources of prenatal care; there are often community clinics or other facilities that will see moms who can’t afford to pay for regular doctor’s visits.


Though it’s a serious topic to mention, it is important for pregnant women to understand that the leading cause of mortality in pregnancy is domestic violence. In an environment where a woman is threatened or habitually abused, having a healthy pregnancy may be virtually impossible. If women find they are pregnant and are in an abusive relationship, the best of healthy pregnancy tips is to get out, quickly. Having a baby will not improve the situation or make the abuser stop. There are many organizations, which can help abused women, and a good place to start is the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

When people are planning to have children, another of the healthy pregnancy tips that is very important is to take prenatal vitamins and especially to take folic acid. Folic acid has been shown to reduce defects in children called neural tube defects. Taking folic acid prior to conception is the best way to prevent this. If moms missed the mark, most doctors still recommend a prenatal vitamin each day during the pregnancy.

In addition to taking vitamins, one of the healthy pregnancy tips is to eat well, and eat right. As nice as it would be to assume moms are eating for two, they really aren’t. They need minimal increases in calories, and should plan a diet based on lean proteins, whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables. It’s okay to have the occasional treat, but in general, a healthier diet prepares the body for labor, and may translate to a healthier baby. Moms should also avoid certain foods during this time, including deli meats, unpasteurized cheese, raw or undercooked meat or eggs, most large fish that contain mercury, and any unwashed fruit or vegetables.

On top of avoiding these foods, clearly healthy pregnancy tips suggest that moms do not drink alcohol, take medications without a doctor’s advice, smoke, or consume caffeine in excess. Some moms think that one thing they’ll have to avoid is any form of exercise. This is really variable. Most pregnant women are certainly able to exercise in moderation, but if miscarriages have occurred in the past, a doctor might recommend bed rest or less exercise. A good idea is to check this out with the doctor to see what he or she suggests.

Doctors and/or midwives can provide great information for pregnant women. For more healthy pregnancy tips, it’s suggested women speak with their doctors. Other women who’ve experienced one or more pregnancies can be a great source of advice too, but sometimes the information is not the most accurate or conflicts with other advice. When in doubt, always consult a doctor prior to trying something out.



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