What are Some Gift Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing?

There is always a time when you need to come up with a unique gift idea. It could be because the recipient has everything, because you are forced to choose something at the last minute, or because you are going through a rough patch and do not have the financial means to go shopping. If you are ever in need of a gift idea that is original and does not cost much, consider the following tips.

If you are crafty, a good gift idea that costs almost nothing, considering making homemade candles or bath salts, but keep in mind that you will need several days to go through the process, which means this is not a good gift idea if you are pressed for time. Shadow boxes, painted glass, or homemade pottery are all great if you have some kind of talent for it.

If you need a gift idea for a close relative or friend who you know well, consider a memory book. To make one, you only need a large photo album and some basic scrapbooking materials. Then, go through any items you have in common with that person or ask for the help of relatives to find small tokens such as old birthday cards, family photos, or ticket stubs. Use them to create all-in-one pages reminiscing a special occasion or time in the life of that person.


Another great gift idea for somebody you know well is a gag gift. This works especially well if you are comfortable enough to tease the recipient about something without going overboard. Gag gifts, however, are not appropriate for a boss or somebody you are only recently acquainted with.

If you are truly strapped for cash, the best gift idea is to offer a service rather than an actual present. Cook for an elderly person, baby-sit for a busy mom, or create a spa experience for a stressed out friend by creating a gift basket that she can enjoy in the safety of her own bathroom once the household has gone to sleep. Be creative. If you have a particular skill, offer it. If you know how to fix a computer, write letters, crochet, or decorate, do it for free. People often lack the time or the talent for the little things, and having somebody to do something for them will take much pressure off their lives.



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I like the personalized gift idea of offering a service. I know that when I was a child it was often recommended to offer parents things like coupons for extra chores or other simple tasks; however, it still works well for adults, too. For example, if someone offered me a coupon for one cooked dinner, I would be over the moon- I can cook, but am not the most creative in the kitchen. Similarly, an offer for a backrub, redeemable at any time, would be another cute and thoughtful thing.

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Gifts relating to the little things is a very true way to give a gift that matters. A couple of years ago, when I was just getting started as a knitter, I began giving my family simple knitted gifts for Christmas, rather than buying them things. Not only did these gifts cost me far less money (though far more time), they have been appreciated much more than any store-bought gift I have ever given.

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