What are Some Furniture Ideas for a Baby's Room?

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When it comes to furniture ideas for a baby's room, there are a number of options. Designers can be called in, given a budget, and then permitted to design and structure the room according to their vision. A less expensive option is to visit a shop that specialized in baby furniture, and purchase the latest line they have in stock. For many other new parents, there is the need or the desire to go with a plan that is a little less expensive, and also allows for the inclusion of furniture that grows with the child. Here are some furniture ideas for a baby's room that will result in a wonderful space for your child without breaking the bank.

One of the benefits of designing the baby’s room is that it is possible to make the most of previously loved items. A trip to a flea market or a yard sale is likely to result in the purchase of a number of items that can easily grow with the child as the years go by. A chest of drawers is one example. A sturdy chest of drawers that does not cost a lot can easily be sanded and repainted to go with the décor for the room. The drawers will provide space for clothing, blankets, crib sheets, and other essentials. As the child grows, it is easy to strip off the paint and create a new paint job that is to the child’s taste.


Other furniture that converts as the child grows is also helpful. Cribs that come with removable railings can easily be converted into the perfect sleeping space that bridges the gap between a crib and the child’s first “grown-up” bed. The crafty parent can saw off the legs to an appropriate height, and create colorful fabric covers for the head board and foot board when the time comes for the baby to move on to big boy or big girl furniture. This process requires very little money, and not more than a few hours to complete. As one of the cost effective furniture ideas for a baby's room, this one ranks high in the desire to get the most from baby furniture.

Another example of money saving furniture ideas for a baby's room has to do with the use of a dresser. Just as with the chest of drawers, a dresser can be painted in bright colors for the baby’s space. Multicolored ties can be used for the drawer pulls until the baby gets older, when they can be exchanged for age appropriate hardware. Used dressers are often excellent quality and can be picked up for a fraction of the cost of new furniture. This makes it easier to stretch the budget as you look for more furniture ideas for a baby’s room that work well with your space. As a bonus, you avoid there is no need to beware of recalls, since the piece has already been loved and put to good use by others.



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