What are Some Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Clean my Home?

"Green," or environmentally-friendly cleaning products, are becoming more popular today. Many of us are beginning to understand that the chemicals found in most cleaning products are harmful for our environment. Non-toxic items such as salt and vinegar aren't just for potato chips anymore, but offer some environmentally-friendly ways to clean our homes.

Salt can be used to remove stains and can work as a mild abrasive. Vinegar can be combined with salt when both scrubbing and neutralizing odors is needed. Vinegar is great for cleaning up pet accidents and litter boxes as well. Another use for vinegar is as a soap scum remover and you can even add a few cups of vinegar when you wash a cloth shower curtain in your washer on the gentle setting.

Scrubbing and neutralizing odors with salt and vinegar in the bathroom are also environmentally-friendly ways to clean your home. Vinegar and water, or lemon juice and water, can be used to get mirrors shining again. Baking soda can be used as a mild abrasive in bathrooms and kitchens.


For truly environmentally-friendly ways to clean, rethink not just the cleaners you use but your cleaning tools as well. HEPA vacuums are the best ones to use and even if you don't have one now, try to think ahead and plan to get one the next time you purchase a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to mops, reusable ones are usually the best choice. Of course, you should try to use reusable rags rather than paper towels, but if you must use paper towels occasionally, buy the ones made from recycled materials.

The most difficult thing about using environmentally-friendly ways to clean your home is getting used to doing without the cupboards full of cleaning products you may be used to. If you really can't picture yourself using salt, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda and mixing up these items into your own cleaning products, then you do have other options. You can buy pre-made environmentally-friendly cleaners, so that way you can still get the convenience you need while making a better choice for the environment.



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