What are Some Different Jobs in Veterinary Technology?

Veterinary technology is an important part of veterinary medicine, and includes are countless different jobs. Some jobs are general and cover all fields of veterinarian medicine, while others are associated with private veterinarian practices. Some veterinary technology jobs are extremely specialized and found only through a thorough job search or with additional education.

One of the most common jobs for someone interested in veterinary technology is assisting a licensed veterinarian in a clinical or animal hospital setting. Typically, the technologist will administer laboratory tests, like urinalysis or red blood counts, take and develop x-rays, or record an animal’s medical history. A technologist can also assist with cleaning an animal’s teeth, preparing tissue samples, or using a wide range of medical equipment.

There are also plenty of veterinary technology job opportunities in research settings. For example, a technologist may be responsible for giving an animal medication, preparing laboratory samples, or sterilizing laboratory equipment. In some cases, she may have to assist in euthanizing animals, as well.

Veterinary technology jobs can be found in a variety of fields. There are opportunities for technologists to find work in wildlife medicine, livestock management, biomedical research, the military, and even pharmaceutical sales. In addition, there are jobs that specialize in preventive care, sick animals, or even in specific animal needs, such as those for horses, cats, or snakes.


Some technologists may prefer to work in a veterinary clinic or hospital, while others may prefer to work outside with wildlife. There are job opportunities in boarding kennels, stables, aquariums, zoos, animal shelters, groomers, and stables. Many local and federal government agencies have job opportunities for technologists, as well. For example, animal control or food safety facilities often have jobs for technologists. Jobs in zoos are among the most difficult to find, while jobs in kennels are relatively common.

Each veterinary technology job is unique. It is up to the individual to discover where her interests lie. As people spend more and more money on the care of their pets, new jobs are currently becoming available. Recently, a push has been made at clinics around the globe for pet acupuncture. Some veterinarians claim it can relieve pain and a variety of symptoms. Consequently, another door has been opened for technologists everywhere.



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