What are Some Advantages of Purchasing E-Books?

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Purchasing E-books, or electronic books, offers readers many benefits. First, the purchase of E-books is a great way to save paper. This of course means saving trees, which in turn helps improve the environment. Purchasing E-books is also a great way to save space and to save money. Clearly E-books can create savings in a variety of ways.

E-books can help prevent clutter in the home or office, as many voracious readers will find. Books can easily take over a space, especially for people who do not like to part with their books even after reading them more than once. While books can be traded at used bookstores for other tomes, purchasing E-books will allow readers to keep all of their favorites while continuing to add to their collections.

An Internet book is obviously easy to sort and store as well. You do not have to physically move books around or find a space where the binding will show. With the click of a button, you can place your E-book exactly where you want it, in its own folder or with similar volumes. If you happen to forget where you put it, you can simply do a search and let your computer find it for you. You can’t do that with print books.


Finding a particular book that you want or need may be easier as well. With a few keystrokes, you can search multiple search engines for the book you need instead of calling around, traveling from store to store, or searching through shelves. If you or a family member needs to obtain a book quickly, an E-book may be the perfect solution. If available, you can quickly download it without leaving home. So, if your child says, “I have to have that book by tomorrow!” try not to panic. See if it is available as an E-book.

Price is another important benefit of purchasing E-books. Most formats are less expensive to produce, so they cost less to purchase than many printed books, including paperbacks. You may even find a few free E-books to download while you are not very likely to find many free books at the bookstore.

Readers may be able to double or triple the amount of books they can purchase by buying electronic books rather than print volumes. It is a fine way to collect the writings of a favorite author without making a big investment. Online books also give readers the opportunity to check out a new author without spending a lot of money or taking up space with print books.



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I like that I can buy e-books any time anywhere. There have been times when I have finished a book and been eager to read something else but had no access to a book store or library. Or sometimes I have only had access to really bad books like at an airport gift shop.

I can buy e-books right through my reader and I have an app that allows me to search through library e-books that can be downloaded for free. A whole world of literature I have right at my fingertips.

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I travel a lot for my job and I always found it incontinent to try and travel with three or four books in my carry on bag. I also read a lot and tend to go right from one book into the next so I need to have a lot of reading material available.

I bought a Kindle when the first generation came out. I am now on my third one. I love the technology. At any given time I will have 20 or 30 books in there that I have not read yet. I would have to take a whole extra suitcase filled with books to carry that many onto a plane.

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One of the biggest advantages of buying e-books is that they are cheaper than buying the print version. You can find many titles on Amazon for $10 that would cost double or triple that amount when you buy them in stores. I spend about half of what I used to thanks to e-books.

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