What are Shoulder Handbags?

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Shoulder handbags are also referred to as purses or pocketbooks, and used for carrying various items such as a wallet, keys, a cell phone, glasses, makeup, or anything else that may be needed on a daily basis. A shoulder handbag features a strap that allows the bag to be hung on the shoulder while worn, differentiating it from a wristlet or other type of smaller purse which is meant to be carried in the hand. There are many different designs and types of shoulder handbags for varying preferences.

Shoulder handbags are made out of many different types of materials, including leather, suede, snakeskin, cotton, wool, and others, including synthetic materials. They are available in any color or pattern imaginable, and often feature decorative hardware such as rivets and eyelets, to name a few. Many people have different shoulder handbags for different occasions; for instance, a larger one for everyday use, and a smaller one for evening or dressy events.


The size of shoulder handbags depends on personal preference, as well as what the current trends are. Sometimes extremely large bags are in style, which can be convenient because they carry a lot of items, but slightly uncomfortable due to their heavy weight pulling on the shoulders and back. This type of bag is often a large, slouchy bag, sometimes referred to as a tote. It may also be able to carry items such as a laptop or even function doubly as a diaper bag. Some people choose to buy a large shoulder handbag and purchase a smaller wristlet or wallet to throw inside it, which can be carried whenever it is not necessary to bring the large bag.

Smaller shoulder handbags are great for those who only need to carry a few things, or who will be walking a lot with their shoulder bag on, and do not want to be weighed down. These may only fit a wallet, a cell phone, and a lip gloss, for instance. Both large and small shoulder handbags often have some sort of closure to prevent items from falling out, such as a zipper, snap, or magnetic clasp.

Shoulder handbags may be purchased online or in a number of stores, ranging from discount stores to department or designer stores. Prices can range from very inexpensive to extremely expensive for designer handbags. It is fairly common for people to collect designer shoulder bags. Crafty people can often make their own handbags with a little work, but in that case it is necessary to purchase items such as zippers, clasps, and any additional decorations desired for the bag.



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