What are Sample Sales?

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Sample sales are events utilized by retail establishments to reduce inventories of items that were used as samples at display counters or similar purposes. Typically, the items that are offers as part of a sample sale are sold for a fraction of the retail price usually charged by the establishment, but still at a rate high enough for the store to recoup the original cost. While sales of this type are often associated with the fashion and cosmetics industries, just about any retailer can make use of this approach to clear the store of excess merchandise.

While reducing the current inventory by selling items used for display or samples, there is often another reason for sample sales. This alternative approach focuses on offering products at deep discounts for a limited period of time, such as 24 hours. Here, the idea is to choose a few specific items from the inventory and offer those at a deep discount. The idea is to attract attention from consumers, motivate them to attend the sale, and possibly purchase a few other items that are not included as part of the sale.


In years past, sample sales have been the province of brick and mortar retail businesses. With many retailers maintaining an online presence as well as local stores, this has changed. Today, it is not unusual for retailers to offer online sample sales that run for a day only or possibly a weekend. Items that the retailers wish to move are sold for a significant discount during the period, allowing consumers to save a great deal of money. In some cases, the retailer may sweeten the deal by offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount, or even free shipping for an order of any size.

Sample sales can work for just about any retailer, from a clothing chain to a discount retail store that offers a wide range of goods. Even locally owned retail establishments can benefit form this approach. By engaging in a little amount of sales promotion in advance, it is possible to alert current customers to the upcoming event, allowing them time to also alert others in their social networks. The store benefits by the increased traffic while also clearing items out of inventory that are no longer necessary. At the same time, consumers pick up items at a much lower price and may find they like the store so much that they continue to shop there after the sale is over.



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