What are Rubber Pavers?

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Rubber pavers are flooring tiles made from recycled tire rubber. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are durable and environmentally sound. Rubber pavers can be used in many applications, and their safety attributes make them ideal for some situations. They are usually fairly easy to install and require little maintenance.

Rubber pavers are both slip-resistant and shock-absorbing. This makes them an ideal material for use in gyms, barns, around pools or other wet areas, and in nursing homes or childcare facilities. The rubber material makes them soft and comfortable to walk on as well as safe for sports activities and in areas such as playgrounds where falls could occur. They also offer some amount of sound control, which could make them beneficial in high-traffic public areas.

Rubber pavers work well in extreme weather conditions, which makes them a good option for many outdoor applications. They are permeable and will work well for controlling water from rainfall or activities such as landscape watering. If moisture control is of particular concern in an area, a plastic perforated drain pipe can also be installed under the pavers to aid in water drainage.


Installation of rubber pavers is relatively simple in most cases. They can be cut using a utility knife or other sharp knife, so adjustments for corners and edges are simple to make. Many rubber pavers are interlocking, meaning they connect to each other and keep each other in place without other hardware. Adhesive or a landscape border may be necessary in some outdoor areas where weather conditions could cause shifting. A base layer of stone aggregate also may be required for outdoor installation.

In general, there is little to no maintenance required for rubber pavers. They are extremely durable and hold up well to high amounts of traffic and weather exposure. A high-pressure hose should be used periodically to keep the surface and seams clean and free of debris. If interlocking pavers have been installed without adhesive, any pavers that do become worn or damaged can be easily removed and replaced.

Rubber pavers are an environmentally friendly way to add flooring to many indoor and outdoor areas. They are durable and provide safety benefits for some applications. Pavers are available in several shapes and designs. They also come in numerous colors — including terra cotta, green, black and red — so they can be found to match many color preferences.



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