What are Repositioning Cruises?

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Repositioning cruises are vacation cruises where the ship is being moved from one world destination to another. Many cruise ships are used in different areas of the world depending on the season. The ship will be moved to a warmer climate in the winter and a colder climate in the summer. Patrons can take advantage of riding on the cruise ship and enjoying the ship's amenities, but may not port as many places as a regular cruise package. These types of cruises may be purchased at a discounted rate.

The time of year is a huge factor on where repositioning cruises will set sail. Many cruise lines will use their ships in the summer for places with colder weather such as Alaska or Europe. Then, they will reposition the ship to places in the Caribbean for the winter months. The voyage between the two destinations is used as a repositioning cruise.

The length of a cruise can vary between a few days to weeks. Repositioning cruises tend to be longer trips because it takes time to get the ship moved to another place in the world. On average, these cruises are from one to three weeks. Most of the time, the passengers are at sea each day.


People who enjoy being at sea for most of the cruise will enjoy repositioning cruises. There may not be many ports, but the cruise lines continue with all their regular entertainment on the boat. Most cruise boats have restaurants, pools, stores, and more. The boats also have ongoing shows that involve music, comedy, and even ice skating. There is usually plenty of fun things to do for adults and children of all ages.

Many vacation goers choose repositioning cruises because of the fun atmosphere and discounted rates. It depends on the cruise line, but many cruise companies offer state rooms for a much lower cost than a traditional cruise. Package deals are also available and may include airfare and daily meals. Cruise lines will often give information on their repositioning cruises directly, or a travel agent can help people find packages that fit their schedules and budgets.

Repositioning cruises do have a few negative factors. Many people do not have enough vacation time to take such a long cruise. Some people may want to port more often instead of being at sea for so long. Even though these cruises can be a bargain, many passengers find that they spend more money on the ship in the gift shops and casinos.



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