What are Presentation Projectors?

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Presentation projectors are projectors that are often connected to a computer for use with presentations. While presentation projectors can also display other things, such as video games or movies, there are specific things which may be looked at when considering a projector for presentations. While these projectors have become considerably less expensive in recent years, they do still represent a significant investment.

There are two basic types of presentation projectors, DLP and LCD. LCD projectors split the light into three different colors, which are then directed through panels. Once that happens, a computer directs the panel how much light to let through, thus, producing the colored image. DLP projector use tiny mirrors to alter the light and a color wheel to produce the different colors.

LCD presentation projectors have a number of advantages and disadvantages. They have very rich and vibrant colors, have less power draw and produce more heat than other types. However, they do not show black colors as well, have poorer contrast and generally do not do as well showing video.

Likewise, in many of the areas where LCD presentation projectors fail, DLP projectors excel. They have good contrast, produce better black colors, do a better job with video and are generally smaller than their LCD counterparts. However, they do not do well in ambient light, which may make a difference when considering a projector for presentation. If those at the presentation are expected to take notes, ambient light will be needed.


No matter what type of projector is chosen, lumens, or how much light presentation projectors produce, will be a serious consideration. Those producing 1,200 lumens or less are generally only recommended when there is no ambient light allowed. Those between 1,200 and 1,500 lumens are good for situations where there may be some ambient light and those more than 1,500 lumens should be able to still be viewed adequately in nearly normal room lighting conditions.

The price of presentation projectors varies widely depending on the technology and what other features are included. It is possible to find new projectors with more than 2,000 lumens for less than $500 US Dollars (USD). They can also cost more than $2,000 USD. There is very little difference in the cost between LCD and DLP models.

In addition to the projector, a number of other presentation supplies will also likely be needed. Some type of projector screen, either portable or permanent, will be needed. Also, some need a laser pointer. These offices supplies generally cost much less than the projector, though screens can get quite expensive as well, depending on the size, model and features.



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