What are Prefab Log Homes?

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Prefab log homes are homes where all or most materials for them are created in a factory setting. For log homes, each log that may assemble the house is put together, marked and then disassembled so that manufacturing at the house site is easier. Alternately, modular homes are manufactured (or prefabricated) in full at a company building site before being moved to the location for which they have been purchased.

This business of making homes and supplies before or in advance can be a cost saving one in certain models of prefab log homes. All work on the logs and others parts of the home may be precut and shaped as needed. When the house ships to the building site, it comes with the varying things that are necessary to home building like certain types of flooring, windows, doors and any built in structures like cabinetry (in most cases). It is often less expensive to buy these in a prefab structure than it is to pay for them in non-prefabricated. Also, because everything has already been cut to fit, building time may be shorter than it is in non- prefabricated structures.


There are many who assume that prefab log homes are necessarily cheap, inferior in quality and that the home built will be plain or look like a cookie cutter of all other prefabs. This is certainly not the case. Some of these homes are spacious and palatial with multiple floors and wide open windows that can give incredible views. Many can be customized to a certain degree inside or out to meet a homeowner’s design standards. Expense may sometimes be cheaper than it would cost to buy a local home in an area (it depends on the area and the home) but this isn’t always the case. In fact the luxury prefab log homes can certainly cost several hundred thousand US Dollars, and while this may be less money that it would take to build a home that is not prefabricated, it can still be expensive, and is not necessarily bargain pricing.

The issue of quality in prefab log homes is one frequently taken up by the many manufacturers of these homes. They point out that home materials and any manufactured pieces still must meet the same building standards, but are less expensively prepared in a factory setting than they can be at a home building site. They argue quite strongly that quality of their homes is the same or better than any other home.

Lots of prefab logs homes exist and many companies manufacture them or offer modular homes. Some of the best places to preview styles and meet these manufacturers are at home sales/home improvement or home building expositions. There are many online vendors too, where people can get some ideas of the varying styles available, but most online sites will not quote price directly.



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