What are Pilates Clothes?

Pilates clothes may be anything worn during Pilates that is comfortable and allows the wearer to move around freely. In general, there are no specific "Pilates clothes" available as part of a clothing line or from an exercise clothing company. It is best to consider how one feels during Pilates class, as well as the type of exercises that are done, when choosing clothes for a Pilates workout.

When selecting Pilates clothes, choose ones that are soft, comfortable, and relatively form-fitting. When choosing women's undergarments, for example, it is best to choose a sports bra or a tank top with a built-in bra so that there is no underwire or uncomfortable clasp poking into the spine during exercises. T-shirts or tank tops that are rather long and not very low cut are a good choice as well; a shirt that is too short could ride up during exercises, and a shirt with a plunging neckline might become too revealing while bending and stretching.

Exercise pants or shorts may be worn as Pilates clothes. Again, it is best to choose tighter pants and shorts; while loose, flowing ones may be comfortable, they too can become pretty revealing during a Pilates workout. In addition, there is the potential for pants or shorts with a lot of extra material to become caught in Pilates machines.

It may be a good idea, when shopping for Pilates clothes, to look for clothes intended for dancers or yoga practitioners. These clothes often have a lot of the same principles in design. Athletic tops often make a good choice as well. Be sure, when choosing athletic tops, that there are no uncomfortable ties or seams that could chafe the skin, or poke into the spine when lying on the back.

No matter what Pilates clothes are chosen, it is important to feel comfortable in them, and to be able to move freely. In addition, it may be a good idea to choose clothes made of a breathable, stretchy fabric, in order to stay at a comfortable temperature. It may be helpful to dress in layers that can be easily removed as the body heats up during a workout as well. Otherwise, selecting clothes for Pilates is fairly simple; there is no need for socks or sneakers, or for outerwear. There are many different patterns and designs available in Pilates clothes to suit every taste, and sizes available for every body type as well.


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