What are Needlepoint Kits?

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Needlepoint kits are handy packages that contain the basic elements required to complete some type of needlepoint project. There are kits designed for just about any type of needlepoint work. In most cases, the basic kits are affordable and will include all the necessary elements. While some needlepoint kits will not include the needles, many kits do also include the right needles for a given project.

The typical needlepoint kit will include all the essentials, which means all the hobbyist needs to acquire is a set of needles that are right for the type of project he or she is undertaking. The kit will usually include the selection of yarns and threads needed to complete the project, along with the mesh canvas that serves as the foundation for the finished piece.

If some sort of device, such as a ring, is required to hold the canvas in place while the project is conducted, many needlepoint kits will include this tool as well. It is not unusual for at least basic instructions to be included, and some needlepoint kits will include full color details that are complete with illustrations of each of the steps required to successfully complete the project.


There are needlepoint kits available for all sorts of needlepoint projects. One of the more common examples is the cross stitch kit. Cross stitch is easily one of the most enduring forms of needlepoint, and is considered to be a relaxing hobby by many people. The kits allow persons with an interest in cross stitching to choose a pattern and settle in without the need to design a pattern or assemble materials from various sources.

Along with the cross stitch type of needlepoint kits, the embroidery kit is very popular. All the materials needed to embroider designs on shirts, tablecloths, napkins, or handkerchiefs are found in the kits. Some even come with a resealable plastic container that can house the materials for the duration of the project.

Some needlepoint kits are assembled for use with particular fabrics, such as silk or gauze. Kits with heavier yarns and threads are also made for needlepoint projects that will involve tapestries or drapery panels. This can save a great deal of time when it comes to choosing the right threads for use on a needlepoint project involving a fabric base other than canvas.



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