What Are Mustache Scissors?

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Mustache scissors are scissors specifically designed to cut a man’s mustache. They are smaller than everyday household scissors, generally measuring around 4.5 inches (11.4 centimeters) in total. Mustache scissors are typically used for grooming the mustache to achieve the desired style, rather than removing it. Many different manufacturers make mustache scissors, and more expensive scissors may also include a rest for the user’s pinky. Some sets also include a mustache comb.

A mustache is a strip of facial hair that grows between the top lip and the nose. Some men sport mustaches, and there are many different varieties of mustache. Some men have thick and bushy ones, while others groom theirs to pencil mustaches, which are very thin and hug the upper lip. In addition, eccentrics such as artist Salvador Dali have championed unusual-shaped mustaches such as his curled one, which is twisted up at either end so that the mustache is slightly boat-shaped.

To maintain a neat mustache, trimming unruly hairs is a necessity, and mustache scissors were developed to cater to this need. The scissors are vital to anybody wishing to have a mustache and still appear neatly groomed. Without an occasional trim, mustaches can easily grow too long, and stray hairs can spoil the overall appearance of the facial hair. Before using mustache scissors, it is advisable to comb the mustache hair in the direction of the hair growth.


Good mustache scissors include many different features to make the process of trimming the mustache easier. For example, a good pair will have an arched finger rest. This helps to steady the operator’s hand while he is trimming, and can be removed if he is more comfortable without it. Some pairs of mustache scissors can also be bought with a comb.

There are other mustache scissor features that can make the process of mustache trimming easier. For example, some pairs are slightly serrated on one side, which can help keep the hairs in place while they are being cut. The other blade would ideally have a razor sharp edge to ensure comfortable and easy trimming. If cutting quality and precision are not important to a mustachioed man, however, he can use any pair of scissors to trim his mustache.



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