What are Mulch Nuggets?

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Mulch nuggets are small chunks of mulching material such as recycled rubber or wood. They are compact and long lasting, providing drainage and protection, although they tend to float in heavy rains and may not be suitable for wet climates. Garden supply stores and stores that stock playground supplies both carry mulch nuggets and there are usually a number of options available, including nuggets dyed in various hues and made from various materials.

Working with mulch nuggets can be easier than other mulching material, as they tend to be fairly uniformly sized and compact. They can be used in a range of settings including playgrounds, paths, and around plants. The mulch will provide a protective layer to keep the soil in good condition, as well as creating a level and aesthetically pleasing surface. Wooden nuggets will eventually break down, enriching the soil, as well as adding some loft and heft.

When people need coarse mulching material with good drainage, nuggets can be a good choice. However, their small size makes them vulnerable to being picked up and whisked away by the wind, and thus should not be used in locations where heavy winds are common. Likewise, in heavy rain and snow, mulch nuggets tend to get carried away by the weather. People using them in hostile climates should be prepared to replace the nuggets every spring after the winter weather is past.


One thing to consider when buying mulch nuggets is the material used. As nuggets break down, they can change the pH content and nutrient balance of the soil, and it is important to use the right kind of nuggets when mulching plants. In addition, dyes used may run or fade over time, another issue to think about when making a purchase. Undyed nuggets will also fade with time. The visual appearance of the mulch should be weighed when making decisions about where and how to use mulch products.

People can buy mulch nuggets in bags and they can also be delivered by truck. Truck deliveries usually allow people to get a bulk rate because they are buying a high volume of mulch. A minimum purchase is typically required and people who cannot make the minimum might want to ask neighbors if they are interested in splitting a mulch purchase to access the cheaper bulk rate. Companies that deliver mulch may also spread it for a fee or rent mulch spreaders and other tools for people who want to handle their mulching on their own.



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