What are Moving Supplies?

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Moving supplies are the items most used and needed to get the job done in an organized an efficient fashion. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire a moving company to come to their home, pack all of their personal belongings and move them to their new dwelling. However, with the proper moving supplies and help from a few friends, or at least one for the heavy stuff, the job can be manageable.

The first part of moving involves packing things. Packing room by room is often found to be one of the most efficient ways to pack. The most important moving supplies that are necessary for packing are boxes or tubs, old newspapers, garbage bags and packing tape. Plastic tubs that can be purchased at many discount retailers are great for packing everything. However, purchasing many tubs may get a bit expensive, so using cardboard boxes with work too.


Regardless of what moving supplies are used, it is important to make sure to wrap all breakables in old newspaper and to make sure that tubs are sealed tightly and that boxes are taped shut, so that they remain sturdy and nothing can leak into or out of them. Garbage bags also work as a great substitute for packing clothes, linens or towels. This also allows for using the flexible bags to shove into empty spaces in a moving van or truck. Additionally, it is wise to label tubs, boxes and garbage bags with the contents of their package for easier unpacking.

Once everything is packed, other moving supplies that are useful are furniture dollies and blankets. Although many people can carry heavy boxes out of a home one at a time, it can be very dangerous for those who aren’t used to heavy lifting. One of the best ways to avoid injuries is to always use a furniture dolly to move furniture, boxes and any heavy item that it makes sense to put on wheels. While things are being loaded, it is smart to wrap electronics, like televisions and stereos, blankets. Not only do blankets protect the electronics by wrapping them, but they will also protect paintings, and any wood furniture that could possibly be scratched.

In the event that old newspapers and blankets are not available, many big chain stores or locations where they rent moving vans, trailers or trucks, sell moving supplies. Although it can be rather expensive to purchase enough of these things for a large house, many of the stores carry packing peanuts, plastic bubble wrap, cardboard boxes.



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