What are Medical Student Grants?

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Medical student grants are funding opportunities for medical students who need assistance paying for school. A medical education can be extremely expensive from start to finish, as doctors spend eight years in school, followed by internship and residency. Depending on where a student seeks an education, it is possible to graduate with substantial student loan debt. A medical student grant offers funding with no repayment obligations, as long as the student meets the terms of the grant.

The majority of medical student grants are available for research and projects. A medical student who wants to run a research project can speak with advisers to get advice on selecting a topic and setting up a study. Grants are available through government agencies, as well as private organizations, and provide funding for research materials, paying lab staff, and supporting the student during the course of the project. Research topics can vary considerably, from new surgical techniques to better diagnostic tools.

Projects can include things like community-based medicine, where medical students work in the local community to help provide medical care, or community education. People might get medical student grants for things like leading family planning workshops to acquaint low income people with the available services in an area, or for going into schools to provide first aid classes or educate students about important health matters. Some medical schools provide funding for these kinds of activities directly, so students can find the grant application process very easy.


Other grants may be available to minority students. Organizations to promote women in the sciences and medical education for people of color may offer medical student grants to help people pursue medical educations and stay in school so they can graduate successfully. The amount of money available through such programs varies. People can also get grants on the basis of traits like being the first in a family to go to medical school or college, or coming from a particular community.

People can use several resources to find medical student grants. One is the financial aid office at a medical school. The office will maintain a list of grants and application information for the benefit of students, and may include further resources for other grant listings. People can also check on websites that aggregate grant and scholarship information; most allow people to search grants by type, allowing students to quickly narrow down available medical student grants and determine which ones they are eligible for, and how to apply for them.



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