What Are Mashed Red Potatoes?

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Mashed red potatoes are a type of mashed potatoes made with red potatoes. Usually, these potatoes aren't peeled before they are cooked and mashed. After they are mashed, they can also be beaten to make them smoother. Milk and butter are usually added as well. Other ingredients can also be used to add extra flavors to these potatoes.

Traditional mashed potatoes are typically made with brown or gold skinned potatoes. After they are peeled and cooked, the potatoes are smashed up and beaten until they are smooth. Mashed red potatoes, however, are a variation of regular mashed potatoes. As the name suggests, these types of mashed potatoes are made with red-skinned potatoes.

The potatoes that are used to make mashed red potatoes should be a healthy looking pinkish color and free of blemishes. Potato skins should be smooth and firm, not wrinkled and soft. Any small sprouts or brown spots should also be cut off the potatoes before cooking.

Before the potatoes are cooked, they can be peeled. Many who make this dish, however, usually choose to leave the skins on. This adds extra color and texture to mashed red potatoes.

Red potatoes can be either baked or boiled before they are mashed. If they are put in the oven to bake, the skins should be left on. They should also be covered with butter and wrapped in foil to keep them from drying out.


Most cooks, however, generally prefer to boil the potatoes used to make mashed red potatoes. To do this, the potatoes should be cut into uniform pieces before being added to a pot of boiling water. The potatoes are done cooking when they are tender. They can then be drained and mashed.

Like most other real mashed potatoes, mashed red potatoes are usually mashed up with a potato masher first. Most cooks add milk or cream, as well as butter, while they are being mashed up. Smashed red potatoes will usually require nothing more than being mashed with a potato masher. These types of potato dishes typically have a somewhat chunkier texture than traditional mashed potatoes.

To make creamier mashed potatoes, however, the smashed potatoes can be beaten with an electric mixture. Various seasonings can also be added to the potatoes, including garlic, salt, and pepper. Cheese and chives can also be stirred into mashed red potatoes.



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