What Are Low-Fat Oatmeal Raisin Cookies?

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Cookies have long been a favorite food for snacks or treats but some cookies can be quite healthy as well. Cookies are basically small, flat cakes that are generally crisp on the bottom and around the edges and soft in the middle. Cookies are typically made from batter that is mixed and then placed on a baking sheet in small balls or spoonfuls to make individual portions. Each one will spread out as it bakes to form a larger cookie. Low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies are made the same way.

There are a number of recipes available for creating healthier varieties of cookies, such as low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies. Many tasty ingredients can be added to create healthy snacks that taste good enough to be treats. Fruits and nuts are frequently used to flavor various cookie recipes, including low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies. Walnuts and pecans are popular nuts and dried berries are often added along with the raisins.

Many low-fat cookie recipes opt for egg whites instead of whole eggs and avoid using milk or use a low-fat version of it. Some may substitute powdered milk instead of whole milk, and re-constitute the powder with water. Others may use skim milk or 1% milk, or mix equal parts of milk and water instead of using whole milk, in order to cut the fat. Applesauce may be used to add moisture and texture instead of using oil, margarine, or butter.

When using natural ingredients and avoiding preservatives, low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies may have a shorter shelf life. It is generally wise to make small batches so none of the cookies are wasted. Since they cannot be stored for long periods of time, these cookies need to be eaten fairly quickly.

Low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies can be a great source of fiber as well as flavor. These cookies can be a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Due to their healthy nature, these cookies can even be eaten for breakfast, as they are far healthier than most rolls, doughnuts, or breakfast pastries. Low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies are perfect for packing in lunches as well.

Store-bought options in low-fat foods can be quite good as long as one is careful to check the label thoroughly. Low-fat oatmeal raisin cookies may also be available at the bakery but the ingredients may not be listed. Homemade recipes may still be preferable as they allow the baker to determine exactly what goes into each cookie.


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