What Are Low-Fat Crisps?

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Low-fat crisps are fruity desserts that are intended to complement reduced-calorie diets. They are essentially cobblers that often resemble pies, except that they do not contain traditional fattening ingredients, such as shortening. A variety of different fruits can be used to make low-fat crisps, with the most popular derived from apples and berries. Consumers should be particularly careful in choosing packaged cobblers because they can contain more fat and calories than homemade versions.

Crisps often refer to cobbler desserts that are stuffed with fruit and other ingredients. Low-fat versions of this food are preferred by people who want to watch their calorie consumptions in an effort to lose or maintain weight. Due to the nature of this dessert, it might also be an alternative to individuals who need to reduce their dietary fat due to certain health conditions, such as heart disease.

Traditional cobblers contain nutritional fruit, but also other ingredients that can make the dessert unhealthy. The crust of a regular crisp is often laden with shortening or butter, and it is often the primary feature of the dessert. Although a low-fat crisp can also contain butter, the focus of the recipe is instead based on the fruit and other heart-healthy ingredients, such as whole wheat flour and oats. Some cooks substitute butter with applesauce in certain crisp recipes in order to reduce the overall fat content of the food.


Fruit is the primary ingredient in low-fat crisps, and cooks have a variety of choices. Fresh berries and apple slices are the most popular types of fruits used for the filling, but other choices, such as peaches and cranberries, may also be used. Generally, any fruit is appropriate for a crisp recipe as long as it is in season. Frozen fruit can be substituted for fresh versions, but it can also tend to thin the consistency of the dessert from the additional water content. Consumers should also be aware that certain types of frozen fruit can contain added sugars.

Packaged low-fat crisps are a popular alternative to making the dessert at home because they save consumers both time and effort. These foods are most often frozen, and they might contain more sodium and preservatives than homemade kinds. Shoppers should also be aware that a low-fat dessert product can still contain a high amount of calories, so it is important to read all ingredient and nutritional labels. As with other types of foods, low-fat crisps are generally healthier when made from scratch.



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