What are Lawn Mower Bags?

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Lawn mower bags are items that attach to a riding or push-type lawn mower and catch the grass as it is cut. Most bags sit on an aluminum frame toward the back of the equipment. They are normally attached to a long hose that extends from the base of the machine near the blade. As grass is cut, it is sucked up through the hose and deposited into the bag. When it is full, the bag can be emptied and reused.

Most lawn mower bags are made from vinyl, heavy plastic, or canvas. They usually have a zipper along the top or one side that allows them to be opened easily. There is also a hole near the top of the bag so the suction hose can be securely attached. Screws or brackets may be near the top so it can be attached to a frame on the machine.

Push mowers normally allow lawn mower bags to be attached to one side of the equipment. Riding lawn mowers typically have them attached to the back of the machine. Commercial lawn mowers may have the bags on either the side or the back of them. This is determined by the manufacturer and cannot usually be modified easily.


The purpose of lawn mower bags is to catch the grass as it is being cut. This prevents the need to have the area raked after it has been mowed. Equipment with these attachments is often used on golf courses, city parks, or lawns of large estates. Homeowners with smaller yards may also use them if their grass is very tall, or if they want to gather clippings to use in compost piles.

Not all lawn mowers are compatible with these accessories. People who want to use lawn mower bags should consult the owner's manual of their equipment to see if they have a model designed to use them. This booklet can also tell homeowners what size, shape, or model of bag should be used with that particular machine.

Lawn mower bags can normally be used for several years without needing to be replaced. Small tears can usually be repaired easily with a kit purchased at a home improvement or lawn care retailer. People may want to rinse their bags with a garden hose from time to time, especially at the end of the season. It can also be a good idea to lubricate the zippers by spraying oil on them, as this can prevent them from rusting.



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