What are Inflatable Display Booths?

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Inflatable display booths are large advertising tools that are generally used by vendors at trade shows. The booths are filled with air and sometimes use targeted lighting to display photos and text, advertising the vendor's product or service. They are becoming quite popular, as the booths require little work to set up and are very portable.

Most inflatable display booths have three panels, and some include inflatable posts at either end for increased stability. They are weighted so that the booths are free-standing. If lighting is included, it is generally pre-installed within the framework of the booth so that the advertising copy and images are highlighted and can be seen from a distance. User-provided graphics are customized and fitted to the panels.

One of the main advantages of inflatable display booths is that they are very easy to set up. A vendor only needs to inflate the booth with an air pump and stand it in place. Inflating a display booth can take anywhere from 12 to 25 minutes, depending on the air pump and the size of the booth. Pumps can be purchased at any hardware or sporting goods store, but some booth sellers include the pump with purchase or rental of a booth.


Inflatable booths are also much easier to transport and store than conventional display booths. When deflated, the panels fold over each other and roll up, making them easily portable. Even those fitted with lights can be compacted and carried in a specifically designed case. The booths weigh anywhere from about 30 to 50 pounds (about 14 to 23 kg) each when not inflated. A single person can transport, unload, and set up an inflatable display booth, saving both time and energy.

Not all inflatable display booths are made up of panels. Some companies design, manufacture, and sell booths that feature inflated figures of people, animals, or objects that seem to move or dance with a continuous stream of air flowing into the booth. These displays are eye-catching and different, but the air pumps that are used to keep them in motion can sometimes be noisy.

Inflatable display booths run from about 600 US dollars (USD) for a basic, three-panel booth with no lighting, to well into the thousands for specially designed booths. You can also purchase packages that include an air pump, carrying case, and other extras like side panel displays and end caps. If you require a graphic designer for the images on your booth, be prepared to pay more for this service.



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