What are Home Remedies for Teething Pain?

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Teething is one of the greatest sources of pain and discomfort in infants. Unfortunately, nearly every infant experiences teething pain. Thankfully, there are many things a parent can do to alleviate it.

A cold teether is one of the simplest methods for relieving teething pain. These teethers, which can be purchased from nearly any retail store, consist of a plastic ring filled with liquid. When refrigerated or chilled, they help soothe the gums when the baby chews and sucks on them. Since teethers are made with plastic, however, care must be taken when giving them to an infant who has already developed teeth, because it is possible for a tooth to puncture them. A cool water bottle can also be used in the same way to relieve teething pain.

Another option for treating teething pain is simply to give the baby something to chew on. Sometimes, the pressure applied to the gums and teeth while chewing is enough to alleviate teething pain. Teething biscuits can be purchased from grocery stores in order to serve this purpose. Teething biscuits should be used in moderation, however, because they can lead to tooth decay if overused.


Cold food is another option for helping the baby cope with teething pain. If the baby still does not have teeth, a cold baby carrot or a frozen banana can be a good choice. If the baby does have teeth, however, he or she might bite off a piece and choke. In either case, it is important for the parent to supervise the baby while sucking on the cold food.

To avoid the choking hazard, a parent can insert a finger in the baby’s mouth for him or her to suck on. Many babies enjoy sucking on a parent’s finger. A finger is also beneficial, because the parent can adjust the amount of pressure he or she places on the gums in order to provide relief for teething pain. Parents must be sure to clean their fingers, however, before using this method in order to prevent making the child ill.

Sometimes, the best way to relieve teething pain is to entertain the baby. Distracting the baby from the pain can be enough for him or her to get past the most painful moments.



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I've used an amber teething necklace with my youngest daughter and I think they do wonders! they have saved me lots of money as Camilia is not cheap. When looking at the different options it was important to me that I choose the safest, most natural products.

A European friend suggested it to me because my daughter was having a lot of teething distress. Apparently in Europe they are such a common remedy that they are sold in drug stores.

I bought mine from a Latvian online store.

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