What Are Gluten-Free Crackers?

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As their name implies, gluten-free crackers are crackers that are made without gluten, a protein, included as an ingredient. Gluten-free foods typically are consumed by people who suffer from wheat allergies, celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, because these individuals generally should not include gluten as a part of their diets. Foods that are free of gluten use substitute ingredients that are safe for those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

Crackers that are free of gluten often contain quinoa flour as an ingredient. Quinoa is completely gluten-free and can be used in both wheat-based and non-gluten food products. There are several types of gluten-free flours that are used in products, including millet, tapioca and nut flours. Sorghum flour and pure buckwheat are commonly used as ingredients in gluten-free crackers as well. Oat is also completely gluten-free when it has not been contaminated by other products during processing.

Other ingredients included in gluten-free crackers might include salt, olive oil, and various spices. Many people who have gluten intolerance choose to make their own gluten-free foods, including crackers. Although it generally is not difficult to find foods that cater toward people who cannot eat gluten, many people decide to make their own foods so that they can have complete control over taste and ingredients. Substitute flours and ingredients can normally be found in the same stores where foods that contain gluten are found.


Gluten-free crackers and other foods made for people who suffer from gluten intolerance can usually be found in most grocery stores. Many stores include a designated section that caters to people who have specific dietary needs, such as individuals who suffer from celiac disease. Finding foods that are completely free of gluten can be a challenge for some, because gluten is used in many food products. Gluten also might be used as a thickening agent in products that wouldn't otherwise use wheat or gluten, so it is important for people who cannot consume gluten to check the ingredients listed on all products before using them.

Foods that do not contain gluten are recommended for those who have wheat allergies, but these foods might not contain as many vitamins and nutrients as other fortified foods. It is important for people who gluten-free crackers and other gluten-free foods to consume the daily recommended intake of iron, fiber and other important nutrients. Individuals who are on gluten-free diets might need to take vitamins or supplements if they are not receiving enough of them in the food they eat.



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