What are Ginseng Supplements?

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Ginseng supplements are pills, tablets, powders, or other concoctions a person takes to consume an herb called ginseng. Ginseng, found in parts of Asia and North America, is a root described as fleshy but slow to grow. It is said to have healing effects and is consumed for the protection of overall good health as well as the prevention and treatment of a range of diseases and conditions, such as diabetes and impotence.

Historically, ginseng has had a place in traditional Chinese medicine. More recently, people in the western world have studied the herb as well and found it to have beneficial qualities. Studies have produced evidence that ginseng supplements may be useful as a stimulant, helping people to stay alert and experience improved brain function. It is also said to help relieve both physical and emotional stress. Some studies have even shown ginseng supplements to be beneficial for the immune system, building a person’s resistance to colds and infections.

There are different types of ginseng. Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolius are the types that are most frequently found in ginseng supplements. Panax ginseng is often referred to as Korean or Chinese ginseng. Panax quinquefolius, on the other hand, is often referred to as American or Canadian ginseng. Interestingly, the word Panax is derived from a word that means all-healing in Greek.


Ginseng supplements are often used as supporters of general good health because they are said to benefit the body in so many ways. By taking this supplement, a person may experience not only improved mental clarity, but also better physical function. Ginseng helps a person to be better able to withstand all types of stress while also boosting his energy levels. In this way, the herb may help a person to feel stronger and more vital while also helping him to perform better physically.

A depressed immune system can leave a person open to numerous health conditions. Ginseng may help to keep the immune system in good shape. For example, a person who takes ginseng supplements on a regular basis may have fewer colds and be less likely to catch the flu than those who do not take it. Likewise, a person who does catch a cold but takes ginseng supplements regularly may have a cold for a shorter period of time. Some studies have even shown ginseng capable of improving fasting blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.

There are some side effects associated with ginseng supplementation. Some people may experience changes in their normal heart rhythm while taking this herb. Others may experience insomnia, nervousness, headaches, and stomach upset while taking ginseng. To avoid health risks, a person should consult his doctor before taking this, or any other, herbal supplement.



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