What are Garden Structures?

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A garden structure can make a charming addition to the landscape, along with providing many advantages. For instance, garden structures can be used to cast shade, block unsightly views, or add vertical height. They can also extend the living space, house beautiful plants, and create privacy. There are many types of garden structures — arbors, trellises, pergolas, bridges, and fountains - all of which come in various styles, sizes, and price ranges.

Many of these garden structures can also be easily constructed. Choosing the type of garden structure depends on its overall purpose. Something for shade might call for an attractive pergola or arbor, while something strictly for aesthetic appearances might include a whimsical garden bridge, fountain, or trellis. A garden structure should always complement its surroundings, however. It should also be the appropriate size, remaining in scale with the surrounding landscape.

Both arbors and trellises are available in many different types, styles, and sizes to accommodate nearly any purpose. An arched arbor can be an attractive garden structure, especially placed near an entrance or walkway. Arbors can be inviting focal points to small spaces. They can add shade to much needed areas as well. An arbor can even become a quiet retreat.


A trellis garden structure can also be functional and attractive. These garden features are great for supporting climbing plants, which are ideal for hiding unsightly views. Like arbors, a trellis adds vertical height to limited spaces. A pergola, however, is better suited to larger areas. This open-sided garden structure is good for creating shade, joining together other structures, and showing off plants or other interesting focal points.

A pergola makes an excellent transitional piece when added to the landscape. While most pergolas are attached to the home, freestanding pergola garden structures are also available. Another interesting garden structure for the landscape includes a bridge. This type of garden feature can be easily incorporated into the garden, with or without water. Garden bridges can cross ditches and other low-lying areas as well as sand beds and more.

Garden bridges create wonderful focal points. There are many styles to choose from and are made from various materials such as wood, iron, stone, etc. As with other garden structures, the type of garden bridge depends on its purpose in the landscape. Nothing speaks of tranquility better than water and a fountain can also become an interesting garden structure.

Again, like other types of garden structures, there are many kinds of fountains. Some will splash and gurgle. Others might spray or drip. These too can be easily constructed with simple items like urns, planters, and barrels. A garden fountain can be placed just about anywhere in the landscape.

A garden structure can serve many purposes while adding a special touch to the surroundings. There are enough types to choose from to make it possible for people of all sorts to find a suitable garden feature for their home.



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