What Are Freeze-Dried Blueberries?

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Freeze-dried blueberries have been dehydrated using a process called lyophilization. Foods that have been freeze-dried are popular for various outdoor enthusiasts because of their light weight and with everyday consumers because of their intense flavor. Freeze-dried blueberries are available through online and catalog retailers as well as specialty stores.

Lyophilization is a method of dehydration that removes almost all the water from a product by causing it to change directly from a solid — ice — to a gas — water vapor. This is called sublimation. The vapor is pulled away from the product, dehydrating it almost entirely. When packaged in a sealed container, the food is shelf-stable for many years.

Typically, foods are freeze-dried for perservation and for ease of transportation. Many foods, especially fruits and vegatables, are largely made of water. When the water is removed, the product is much lighter, decreasing the cost and effort associated with transportation. Freeze-dried foods can be reconstituted with hot water and retain much of their original texture and flavor.

Freeze-dried products have been used in a variety of situations. Astronauts, hikers, backpackers, and military units have used freeze-dried foods because of the long shelf life and light weight. Since practically any food can be freeze-dried and retain its original form, freeze-dried foods are one of the most popular types of shelf-stable foods available.

Many individuals and families keep an emergency kit of food and supplies on hand in case of natural disaster. During snowstorms, floods, or severe winds, it may be impossible to leave the house to purchase food. Freeze-dried foods are often kept in these emergency kits since they remain viable for many years.

Even though freeze dried foods are popular in special situations, many individuals consume freeze dried foods on a regular basis. As the majority of the water has been removed, the flavor of the food is condensed and intensified. Not only does this make freeze-dried foods tasty on their own, it makes them excellent additions to cooking and baking.

Similarly, freeze-dried blueberries are a popular choice for hot and cold cereals and dairy products like ice cream and yogurt, as accent flavors for salads, and in baked goods. Although they can be eaten in freeze-dried form, the body has to use a considerable amount of water to digest them in their dehydrated form, so reconstituting freeze-dried blueberries before eating is recommended.

Since blueberries are a small berry, they are often freeze-dried whole. Even so, they are also available in powdered and sliced form. Powdered freeze-dried blueberries are especially popular for frozen foods and beverages as the powder provides flavor without compromising texture.


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