What are Foot and Ankle Clinics?

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Foot and ankle clinics are a type of medical office that specializes in treating disorders of the feet and ankles. Physicians who work in these settings often prescribe treatments for bunions, warts, or heel spurs. These medical centers might also make custom inserts for their patient's shoes. Other times, they could perform surgery to correct foot problems. Diabetics often visit them because these individuals may have problems with poor circulation to their feet.

People often visit foot and ankle specialists because they have a problem such as plantar warts, corns, bunions, or heel spurs. In some cases, individuals with severe cases of athlete's feet may also want to schedule an appointment. Foot and ankle clinics are normally able to prescribe a treatment for these conditions for issues that have not been cured by home remedies or over-the-counter medications.

Foot and ankle clinics often make custom insoles and braces to help alleviate foot pain caused by various disorders. Some people might be flat-footed, which means their feet do not have a normal arch. Other times, injuries or bone spurs can cause pain in the ankle or heel.

Other times, a serious condition might require a patient to undergo surgery. Foot and ankle clinics routinely perform such operations as removing ingrown toenails and straightening hammertoes. These procedures are often performed at the office, and patients are able to go home shortly after receiving services.


Diabetic patients can sometimes suffer from poor circulation in their lower extremities. Circulation issues can make foot amputation necessary for diabetics. Foot and ankle clinics work with these individuals to maintain healthy blood flow to the feet in order to reduce the chances of needing an amputation.

Foot and ankle clinics may contain x-ray machines or ultrasound equipment. These devices help podiatrists determine the extent of injuries or cause of pain, and decide whether surgery might be necessary. In some instances, the clinics may also provide physical therapy for their patients who are suffering from pain after a sports related injury or automobile accident.

Having a disorder of the foot or ankle can cause people a great deal of pain, and in turn can affect the way these individuals perform their daily activities. Visiting foot and ankle clinics can often relieve their suffering so they are able to get around better. Anyone who is experiencing a disorder affecting either the foot or ankle may want to consider going to one of these facilities for diagnosis and care as soon as symptoms are noticed.



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