What Are Fair Exhibitors?

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Also known as trade show or business fair exhibitors, fair exhibitors are companies that choose to participate in trade shows and business conferences by setting up a display of goods and service in the form of a trade show booth. The size and complexity of the exhibition used will vary, with some exhibitors opting for a display that consists of a simple background built around a table and printed material to multimedia displays that make use of audio and video along with printed materials to attract the attention of even attendees. Fair exhibitors usually pay a fee for the privilege of setting up a booth, with that cost ideally being offset by making new contacts at the event that eventually become customers.

Fair exhibitors normally choose to set up displays at events that are directly related to their business in some manner. The nature of a conference or trade show will often influence whether or not a company chooses to participate, based on the anticipated rewards that are connected with the event. For example, a fair exhibitor may choose to attend a national conference sponsored by an existing client in the hopes of meeting others within that client’s organization who do not currently use the vendor’s goods or services. At the same time, the purpose may be to make contacts with other fair exhibitors who supply different products to that client, in the hopes of also earning their business.


It is not unusual for fair exhibitors to participate in other events that help to promote the company and its products. For example, a company may choose to exhibit at a chamber of commerce show or a business conference that is built around a theme relevant to the exhibitor’s line of work. Here the focus is often twofold, in that the exhibitor hopes to gain customers among those who visit the exhibition area while also getting some ideas on how competitors are presenting their product lines to the general public.

While many fair exhibitors are corporations seeking new business, non-profit organizations are also likely to participate in larger conferences and exhibitions of different types. In this scenario, the non-profit exhibitor usually has the goal of educating attendees about the work of the organization and hopefully garnering a few more supporters who can offer time and money to help with whatever causes the organization supports. Organizations that seek to generate funds for research into various diseases or offer support to people who live with those diseases will often use this method to reach the public and generate additional donations that help to advance their cause.



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