What Are EMR Vendors?

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EMR vendors specialize in selling software and other computer applications devoted to the practice of electronic medical records. Electronic medical records, or EMR, allow hospitals and other health-care providers to streamline the process of keeping medical records and billing patients by doing it all on digital files. This system, when executed correctly, saves the health-care provider money and improves the medical record-keeping process as a whole. As EMR has become a focus for many nations trying to save on health-care costs, EMR vendors have gained in popularity and the industry has grown significantly.

For nearly as long as there have been doctors, there have been medical records which allow for doctors to check the medical histories of their patients. These records are crucial to proper health care, since they can show if patients have allergies to certain medications, if a certain medical condition might prevent a specific surgical procedure from being effective, and so on. As the health-care industry has grown, the cost for keeping all of these medical records has grown exponentially. EMR vendors offer a way for doctors, hospitals, and anyone providing some measure of medical care to the public to reduce this process to simple data entry on a computer.


The main focus of EMR vendors is providing software that doctors and hospitals can use to keep all of their pertinent records. Whereas the combined paper medical records of a hospital that has been in operation for a long time could likely fill up a warehouse, electronic medical records software can allow all of those records to be contained on a single computer. As a result, the money-saving aspect of this process is very attractive to all health-care providers.

In addition, EMR vendors can provide applications which will streamline the medical billing process. The paperwork involved with medical billing can add up to ridiculous proportions for even a single patient over time. EMR yields an opportunity for medical providers to accurately and efficiently bill their patients and their insurance companies.

Most EMR vendors also employ computer specialists who will not only install the software responsible for electronic medical records but will also be on call to solve any problems that medical employees might have. Ideally, as EMR allows hospitals and doctors to save on their administrative costs, those savings can then be passed on to the patients in the long run. That theory is why the implementation of electronic medical records has become such an important focus of the health-care industry, thereby increasing the need for reliable vendors.



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