What Are Donut Muffins?

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Donut muffins are muffins which taste like donuts. Although they can be glazed, donut muffins are most often rolled in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Both mini and full sized donut muffins are common. Good as both a breakfast food and a snack, these muffins can sometimes be found commercially and are fairly simple to make at home.

White or brown sugar, flour, and eggs are essential for donut muffins. Butter or margarine is also required, but sometimes oil or shortening is used instead for a unique texture. Baking soda, baking powder, or both is also necessary to allow the muffins to rise. Milk or buttermilk may be added to the batter as well. Flavorings may include vanilla extract and cinnamon, but it is nutmeg that is said to give the muffins that particular donut taste.

To make donut muffins, the butter and sugar are usually creamed together, which helps the muffins to have a lighter texture. The eggs are included in the creamed mixture, and the remaining dry ingredients are mixed separately then combined with the wet mixture. Versions that use oil normally omit the creaming step and will simply combine the wet and dry ingredients first in separate bowls and then together. Even in these versions, however, the sugar is included with the wet ingredients.


After the batter is mixed, it may be placed into a mini or full-sized greased or lined muffin pan. Depending on the version, the muffin cups may be filled as little as half way or nearly to the top. Then, the batter is cooked between 15 minutes and half an hour, and the muffins are allowed to cool briefly before they are taken from the pan and topping or glaze is added.

Donut glaze consists of powdered sugar and vanilla extract mixed with melted butter and hot water. Unlike cake glazes, which are usually poured over the completed dessert, the donut glaze is more often designed for dipping muffins. The tops of the still warm muffins are dipped into the glaze once or twice to coat and then left to cool completely before serving.

Most often, however, donut muffins are coated in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. The warm muffins are first dipped into melted butter and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar to coat. As with the glaze, usually only the tops of the muffins are coated. Donut muffins can be served as a snack and are also a frequent breakfast choice. Like donuts, these muffins pair well with coffee.



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