What are Disability Lawyers?

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Disability lawyers are trained in disability law, which includes the legal rights of the disabled. Some disability lawyers focus on fighting discrimination against disabled individuals. For example, they may fight for the rights of those who have been denied things like employment, education, and services because of their disabilities. They may also help with seeking equal educational access for the disabled.

Other disability lawyers focus on matters related to disability compensation. For example, a person may be entitled to monetary compensation because he is disabled and cannot work. This compensation may come from private funding sources or from government agencies. A disability lawyer may help a person to determine whether or not he is eligible for disability compensation, according to the laws of his country, and when necessary, he may assist the disabled person in using legal means to obtain compensation.

One type of disability compensation is referred to as disability insurance benefits. For example, employees in some countries pay into a disability insurance benefit fund. If a person becomes disabled and cannot work, this fund may pay a certain amount of money to him each year. To get access to disability insurance benefits, a person must apply and prove that he is eligible for payment. Some disability lawyers assist with this application and verification process.


Sometimes a person may have difficulty proving that he is disabled, and his application for disability benefits may be denied. In many places, there is an appeal process set up for those who have been denied. Disability lawyers may play starring roles in such cases, helping their clients to prove their disabilities in court and gain access to benefits.

Disability lawyers are even called on for cases of temporary disability. For example, a person may believe he is eligible for temporary benefits based on a disability that keeps him from being able to work for a specific period of time. His employer may assert that the person is not totally disabled and should be able to perform some work functions. In such situations, disability lawyers argue the cases for their clients, attempting to win benefits.

Not all disability lawyers work for individuals who are disabled; some of them seek out business and government clients instead. For example, a disability lawyer may work for a government agency, helping to set and review policies for determining eligibility. In court, such a lawyer may argue on behalf of the government agency in cases of denied claims. A disability lawyer may also represent a business in court, such as when a business has been sued for denying an employee company-provided benefits. This type of lawyer may also help in setting up and reviewing company policies and making sure the company stays within the guidelines of the law.



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