What are Dipping Bars?

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Dipping bars are a piece of exercise equipment that allows athletes to perform dips. These compound exercises are an effective workout for the triceps, and they provide benefits for the shoulders and chest. There are several variations of dipping bars, but they all allow an athlete to perform the same basic motion.

A dipping bar workout requires an athlete to support his body by locking his arms at his sides and gripping the dipping bars with his hands. Dipping bars will provide the athlete with a pair of handles for this purpose. The athlete then bends his knees slightly and crosses his legs at the ankle. He then bends his elbows to lower his body before using the muscles in his arms, shoulders and chest to straighten his arms again. In order to allow the full range of motion, the dipping bar's handles must be about waist-high.

There are a number of designs of dipping bars. The simplest design consists of tubes of metal that form the two sides. The tubes at the top of each of these sides act as the handles that the athlete grips while performing the exercise. Another common design is a rectangular metal rack with two pieces of metal attached to the bottom to provide stability. The two handles then jut out at some point along the vertical beams of the rectangle.


In addition to these simple designs there are more elaborate dipping bars that offer a number of different features. Some have handle bars that are on a hinge, thus allowing a slight widening or shortening of the distance between the two handles. This allows athletes with broader or narrower shoulders to adjust the handles to their bodies. Many dipping bars also provide some kind of step on the lower portion of the equipment to help the athlete get into position.

In addition to these features specific for use in dips, many dipping bars are part of a larger machine that allows an athlete to perform a variety of exercises. It is quite common for a machine to feature both dipping bars and a pull-up bar because these exercises work antagonistic muscle groups. There also are machines that combine a dipping bar with the handles and back support that are necessary for leg raises.

Regardless of the specific design, it is crucial that any dipping bars are sturdy and stable. The bars must support the entire weight of the athlete's body, so the construction should be solid. Also, an athlete performing dips will tend to rock forward and backward, so it is important that the machine have a wide and stable enough base to remain fixed to the floor during the exercise.



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