What are Different Types of Butt Exercises?

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There are many types of butt exercises used to strengthen and firm the muscles of a person's rear end. Among them are squats, lunges, and one-legged deadlifts. Each of these exercises is different, but they all work to reduce flab and make the rear end look and feel nicer.

Squats are among the most commonly performed butt exercises. To perform a basic chair squat, a person stands with a stable chair behind him. He then tightens the muscles of his abdomen and slowly lowers his body into a squat, sitting on the chair he’s positioned behind him. He then tightens his butt muscles, moving back up out of the chair and straightening his legs until he is standing once more.

The exerciser should keep his knees behind his toes when he’s lowering himself into the chair. Repetition is key with all types of butt exercises, so he should work to build up to at least a couple of sets, with about 10 repetitions each. Eventually, he can move to holding his bottom over the chair for a few seconds rather than sitting on it. This exercise also can be performed without the use of a chair.

Some people use lunges as butt exercises. These involve stepping forward with one foot, keeping the other foot about three feet behind the one in front. The exerciser then bends at the knees, which lowers his back knee toward the floor. He finally pushes back to the starting position, lunging forward with the other foot to continue the exercise.

It’s important to make sure the torso is kept upright and the abdominal muscles are pulled in while performing lunges. Some people hold a dumbbell in each hand while performing this exercise. Eventually, the exerciser may work up to doing a couple of sets of 10 to 16 repetitions each.

One-legged deadlifts can also be used to strengthen and tone the muscles in a person’s bottom. To perform this exercise, a person starts out in a standing position, holding a weight in each hand. His hands should be in front of his thighs as he moves one leg behind him, so his toes, not the whole foot, are touching the floor. He then bends over at the hip and moves his hands toward the floor. After bending over as far as he can comfortably, he pushes back to the original stance.

While performing one-legged deadlifts, an exerciser should avoid rounding his shoulders. It's helpful to keep the back straight and ensure the abdominal muscles are pulled inward. An individual working for a tighter rear may work up to two or three sets, each of which should include at least 10 repetitions.


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