What are Different Trauma Surgery Jobs?

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There are different types of trauma surgery jobs ranging from burn center trauma team members to pediatric trauma surgeons. In these positions, some individuals perform surgery while others assist in the trauma surgical center. People who work in trauma surgery careers work anywhere from small rural emergency rooms to large metropolitan hospitals.

One of the most common trauma surgery jobs is that of critical care trauma surgeons. These surgeons do surgical procedures in critical care units for the general population. Doctors have to evaluate patients who may have multiple injuries as well as organ damage. Surgeons have to determine what injuries the patient has and come up with a surgical plan to save the patient’s life. The trauma surgeon may also recommend tests, review radiology reports, and decide what medication the patient needs. Depending on the extent of the injuries, trauma surgeons are also responsible for analyzing non-threatening injuries as well as life-threatening injuries.

A registered trauma nurse is another position for people interested in trauma surgery jobs. Nurses who assist in the trauma surgery room take patients’ vital statistics, administer medication, and assist with stabilizing the patients. Most nurses also advise the surgeons about patients’ statuses, answer any questions the patients may have and maintain patients’ records.


Pediatric trauma surgeons are professionals who work in trauma surgery jobs where the top priority is injured infants, children, and teenagers. These surgeons are certified in general surgery and also have specialized in pediatric traumatic injuries. Not only do these doctors perform surgery, but they also recommend follow-up care and may conduct research in childhood health conditions.

Some jobs in the trauma surgery field are geared toward specific injuries, such as burns. When a hospital admits a burn victim, the burn unit trauma surgeon sees the patient. This surgeon will examine the patient with the help of a plastic surgeon to determine if the patient will need a skin graft. The doctors will decide to what degree the person is burned and clean and treat the burns. Doctors also figure out if the patient will require special treatment before surgery can take place to make sure the skin grafts will take.

People who have trauma surgery jobs have extensive medical education and usually years of experience working in various surgical facilities. Individuals who choose to work in trauma surgery careers often work in stressful environments and have to be able to make decisions fast. In addition, most trauma surgery centers mandate that workers in the trauma surgery field be available nights and weekends.



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