What are Different Kinds of Creative Headboards?

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There are many different kinds of creative headboards that can be bought in a store or at an art fair, and many more can be made at home for a perfect match with other decor. Padded headboards, fabric-covered headboards, found-object headboards, and many more types of headboards are easy to find in stores and to make at home. For the most unique and personal kind of headboard, it is best to start by brainstorming what kinds of items one enjoys. Then one can make or buy a headboard focusing on that theme.

One type of creative headboard is made with found objects. For example, branches can be shaped, dried, and mounted on the wall behind the bed for an outdoorsy headboard. It is important that the branches are not sharp and that they do not poke out from the wall for safety reasons. Other items that can be mounted on the wall include fencing, windows, or antique blankets. Such headboards often are found at art fairs, but also can easily be made at home.

A great idea for personalized creative headboards is to use the central parts of old t-shirts that have interesting designs to make padded headboards. The board should first be covered with foam, then with old t-shirts that have been sewn together like a quilt. These coverings should then be stapled to the back of the board, which can be mounted on the wall.


One can also turn a plain headboard into a creative piece with a bit of paint. This is a particularly good idea if one wants to customize a headboard that is already attached to a bed frame. One might paint names, flowers, trucks, or any other item on the headboard. Rhinestones or other objects can be glued to the painted headboard for a three dimensional effect. Even a store-bought headboard can be a creative headboard with some easy finishing touches, and some stores sell such headboards pre-designed.

Creative headboards also can make a fun art project. Kids can make their own creative headboards with a little adult help. They can help paint, glue items onto their headboards, or even design the shape of the headboards. An item for a child that the child helped make will often be a prized possession throughout childhood.

Perhaps the best way to think about making creative headboards is to think about the limits of headboard design. So long as an item can be mounted on the wall behind the bed without injuring sleepers or getting in the way, it can be a headboard. Keeping that in mind, the possibilities for creative headboards are nearly limitless.



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