What are Destination Clubs?

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Much like vacation clubs, destination clubs sell time at various luxury properties around the world in some of the most desired destinations. Destination clubs are different, however, in that they are generally not selling hotel rooms or condominiums, like typical clubs. Instead, the clubs make available luxury estates valued in the millions.

Destination clubs are especially popular choices in the tropics for and those who like to go skiing in the mountains. In short, they are made for those with money to go to some of the most popular resort destinations on the planet, yet not feel herded like they would be at most resorts. While few may be right on a ski resort or other type of resort property, some will have their own beaches, providing the ultimate in privacy.

Despite the cost, these destination clubs may be good options for some individuals. They are often marketed as alternatives to owning a luxury vacation home. Indeed, they offer several advantages to traditional vacation home ownership. The cost of a destination club, per year, is sometimes very similar to what a mortgage would run.


While the cost is an important consideration, this is not the only advantage of vacation clubs. In many cases, vacation homes stand empty a good portion of the year. This not only subjects them to deterioration from non-use, but also makes them targets for thieves and vandals. Further, once a vacation home is bought, it relegates the buyer to the same destination year after year. There is no such limitation with destination clubs.

This is one of the major difference with typical timeshares, which are also at the same location year after year. While some timeshares may be just as luxurious as destination clubs, this single location factor is another consideration. While many may like certain locations, others prefer to visit around, hoping to experience as many different locations as possible.

Those interested in vacation clubs should check various Web sites. There are many different vacation clubs, some of which offer special amenities, such as private jet service. While these types of clubs may be rare and may be expensive, they are designed to fit the demands of a certain clientèle.

However, while money may be no object for many clients, these special services may make a difference. In addition, some will be cheaper than others. Some will also offer certain destinations that others may not have. Researching a number of clubs offers the best chance to get exactly what the client wants.



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