What are Cough Suppressant Drops?

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Cough suppressant drops are lozenges that are used to both soothe sore throats and keep the user from coughing. Although cough suppressants are often taken in the form of liquid medication or as pills, some people prefer to take them in the form of lozenges to get the added soothing benefit to the throat. Coughing over a period of many days or even violent coughing over a short period of time can leave the throat raw and in a great deal of pain. The purpose of cough suppressant drops and other kinds of cough suppressant medications is to keep the user from coughing so that the throat has a chance to heal.

Another one of the purposes of cough suppressant drops is to help the user to sleep. One of the reasons that illnesses can persist is that coughing keeps people awake at night and, therefore, keeps them from being able to get the rest that they need to recover. By using cough suppressant drops, it is possible to get better, uninterrupted sleep. The lozenges should be completely dissolved, however, before the user goes to bed. This is because a lozenge in the mouth of a sleeping person could pose a serious choking hazard.


There are a number of kinds of cough suppressant drops on the market. It is not uncommon for a company that manufactures cough suppressant medication to also sell drops that have an effect similar to the medication. There are also companies that only make lozenges that have cough suppressant drops in their line of products. Of the available cough suppressant drops on the market, there is a wide variety of options. Some of the drops are flavored and taste of fruits such as cherry, grapefruit, or lemon. Others are made with herbal products and natural products and taste of honey, eucalyptus, or mint.

Although many people know how to care for themselves and their families during cold and flu season, it is important to visit a doctor if any of the symptoms, including coughing, seem to be more severe than normal. It is also important that young children, elderly people, and anyone who is medically fragile or has recently gone through a medical procedure visit a doctor if they are experiencing a cold or influenza. Products such as cough suppressant drops, while often effective, may not be sufficient to care for people in these stages of life or conditions.



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