What are Corporate Packaging Services?

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The term “corporate packaging services” can refer to two things, although both of them involve packaging and handling materials for delivery. Professional corporate packaging services offer large contracts such as corporations and the federal government packaging and moving services for office buildings and other large structures. Another niche of corporate packaging services has to do with packaging products for sale. This includes providing recognizable branding, appealing packages, and protection for the product during transit and display.

Corporate packaging services which provide moving assistance usually begin with an estimate. Representatives of the company will go through the building and determine what needs to be packed, how it needs to be handled, and how much it will cost to ship and unpack at the other end. In some cases, corporate packaging services also provide liquidation of corporate assets if needed. Insurance is included for valuable assets.

After the estimate is approved, the corporate packaging services will send trained staff to package everything up. In most cases, the service will handle all of the packaging, to ensure that objects are protected during shipping. The corporate packaging service loads everything, trucks it to an end location, and unpacks it. If liquidation services are needed, the corporate packaging service will truck the contents of the building to an auction house for sale.


Other corporate packaging services are designed to meet the needs of a corporation in product packaging. Product packaging for the end purchaser may appear to be a simple box, but behind that box is a great deal of engineering. Corporate packaging services consult with the company to determine how the product can be packaged for maximum sales impact. Boxes and bags are the primary tools of corporate packaging. The product needs to be visible and secure in its package. Potential customers must be lured into a purchase with attractive packaging designed to catch the eye.

In addition, corporate packaging services also look at how the product can be most efficiently shipped. Most products are boxed and loaded into larger boxes, which are stacked on shipping pallets. The pallets need to be evenly loaded so that their contents do not shift during transit, which might cause damage. In addition to designing packaging for the product, corporate packaging services design packaging for the transit process, which may include thermoformed plastics for products to nestle in, using corrugated cardboard for insulation, or securing other types of packing material to help protect delicate products during shipping.

Corporate packaging services move shipments of goods large and small all over the globe. Large companies like to use corporate packaging services because of the years of experience and research behind them. With the use of a corporate packaging service, materials can be efficiently and safely shipped from one location to another.



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