What are Common Software Testing Interview Questions?

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The most common software testing interview questions you should expect to be asked if you are applying for a job as a software tester are those about your previous work experience and general questions about software testing. If you have left or been fired from any jobs recently, then you should expect to be asked about why you left or were fired. You might also be asked about how you enjoyed working at a particular company or what your experiences were like while testing a certain piece of software. The interviewer will also typically ask you questions about software testing procedures, to ensure you are knowledgeable and can demonstrate your knowledge.

Software testing interview questions are typically asked by an interviewer of an applicant for a position working for a software developer or testing company. If you are interested in this type of position, you will likely need some educational and professional background in software development and testing. This is especially important since many of the software testing interview questions you are likely to be asked will be about software development procedures and prior work experience you may have. In general, regardless of the question, you should typically answer honestly to ensure you do not lose the job due to deception on your part.


Common software testing interview questions will often be about your previous work experience. These are used by an interviewer to ensure you will be a good fit for the company. You will typically be asked about places you worked previously and specifically asked about why you left such places. If you have been fired, for example, you may be given an opportunity to present your side of why you were fired, and you may similarly need to explain any long lapses of employment time. You should also expect questions about how well you can work with others.

Many of the software testing interview questions you will be asked will typically be about the process of testing software and terminology related to the field. You should expect to be asked hypothetical questions about how you might test software at certain stages or how you would properly document issues you find during testing. Questions might also center on different terminology and specific procedures related to software testing, such as asking you to explain what “acceptance testing” is or what the difference between “retesting” and “regression testing” is. You may also be asked to look at an example of testing documentation and answer questions about the sample or identify problems with the sample.



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