What Are Common Self-Esteem Issues?

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People can either have self-esteem that is too high or too low, and each of these self-esteem issues can cause problems. People with low self-esteems will often regard themselves as less important than others, or even worthless. They may have relationship or career problems, as well as poor body images and mental illness. People with too high self-esteem, on the other hand, regard themselves as better than other people, and will often be arrogant, which can also lead to problems in life. Healthy self-esteem is usually considered to be a balance between low and high self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is a common problem. Those with abnormally low self-esteem often have little value in themselves. They typically tend to focus on their weaknesses and faults, instead of their positive qualities. Many times, they will also compare themselves to other people, believing that others are better than they are.

Relationship troubles are common low self-esteem issues. Friends and loved ones will sometimes find it unpleasant to be around people who are constantly running themselves down. Many times, someone with low self-esteem will constantly try to please others, because she feels that doing so is the only way to get people to like or love her. This will often lead to her being taken advantage of by others.


Jealousy is another of the common low self-esteem issues. Since people often focus on their own flaws, they may become jealous of others who they think are better than them. For example, if Jane constantly degrades herself for being ten pounds overweight, she may be jealous of Suzy, who she thinks is skinny. This can sometimes lead to animosity.

Other low self-esteem issues may impact a person's career. A person with low self-esteem may be overly sensitive, and she may see constructive criticism as a personal attack. Instead of focusing on bettering herself, she may focus on how unfair her supervisor is. This will typically make it harder for her to advance in her career.

Low self-esteem issues can also include mental illness. Constant feelings of worthlessness will often lead to depression, for instance. Anxiety and panic attacks are also common in people with low self-esteem.

Too high self-esteem occurs when a person has an unrealistically positive view of herself. She will often feel superior to other people. This will often manifest itself as arrogance, a trait that many people find hard to take. People with these types of self-esteem issues may find it hard to make or keep friends and loved ones close.

People with healthy self-esteem will usually have an accurate view of themselves. Generally, they will feel good about themselves, but they may go through some minor self-esteem issues throughout life. They will typically be able to recognize their own flaws and try to improve, if necessary.



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Post 3

I think we all go through times of poor self esteem in our life, especially during adolescence.

This is the time when everyone wants to fit in and when physical appearance takes on greater importance. Most adolescents are unhappy about how they look and may experience low self esteem because of it. Self esteem issues in teenage girls is particularly common because there is pressure from peers to look beautiful and thin. Thankfully, this is a temporary phase for most of us that ends after several years. We get older, become mature and realize that outer appearance is not very important.

Post 2

@fify-- Self esteem can be thought of as a scale. There is a healthy middle ground and anything low or high is unhealthy and harmful.

So very high self esteem is definitely a problem. It affects a person's life and relationships much like low self esteem does. Although it's good to have high self esteem, if it becomes exaggerated, it's no longer considered normal or desirable.

I agree with you that there is a lot of attention is paid to low esteem issues. High self esteem is rarely talked about as a problem although psychologists will tell you otherwise. Professionals have self esteem tests that help them determine if an individual has health levels of self esteem or not.

Post 1

I'm surprised to learn that high self esteem is a problem. Usually people complain about not having enough self esteem. High self esteem is seen as a positive and desirable thing.

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