What are Common Help Desk Interview Questions?

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There are quite a few different common help desk interview questions a person should expect during a job interview, and these questions can cover a wide range of subjects. Much like any other job interview, someone should expect to be asked about his or her previous work experience and why he or she wishes to work for the company at which he or she is interviewing. There will typically also be questions about customer service, which are typically intended to ensure that the applicant is able to help customers and work to create solutions to problems. There are also help desk interview questions that may involve the specific workplace for which a person is interviewing.

Help desk interview questions are typically those questions that someone should expect to be asked while interviewing for a position working at the help desk for a company. A help desk job usually involves customer service and assisting customers who have some type of problem. These jobs can be in-person jobs for retail stores that are primarily concerned with customer service, or they may be online or call center jobs that provide service or technical support for customers. The nature of the job for which a person is applying can ultimately impact the types of help desk interview questions he or she should expect.


Fairly common help desk interview questions are those about a person’s previous work experience. These questions typically involve the types of tasks and duties the person performed in other jobs. For example, an applicant might be asked how former employers or co-workers would describe him or her. Other related skills, such as typing or problem solving abilities, may also be called into question, and someone should expect to be asked about any long gaps in employment or terminated jobs.

An applicant should also expect to be asked help desk interview questions that are more specifically related to help desk work. These questions will often involve providing examples of previous work situations in which an applicant helped a customer reach a mutually beneficial conclusion, or a situation in which an irate customer berated the applicant. Such help desk interview questions are often used to ensure an interviewee can provide satisfactory customer service and has sufficient experience dealing with situations that may be difficult or confrontational.

Depending on the nature of the job a person is applying for, an interviewer might also ask help desk interview questions that are more specific to the particular type of job. Someone interviewing to work at an online help desk for a website or computer manufacturer, for example, might be asked questions about technical aspects of computer use. While this sort of job will typically offer training for newly hired employees, most places will also want to ensure an applicant has at least a rudimentary knowledge of various aspects of the industry.



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