What are Common Exit Interview Questions?

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Not surprisingly, the most common exit interview questions relate to the leaving employee's view of the company's operations as well as to his or her decision to leave. Yet, these questions are often comprehensive in their scope and cover many areas of the person's job and company culture. It's also common for the interviewer to ask the exiting employee under what conditions or circumstances, if any, he or she would consider staying with the company.

By finding out what would keep employees from choosing to leave the company, if the business was able to offer them to employees, it would help reduce the turnover rate. In any case, the business would have information relating to what employees expect or prefer on the job. Common exit interview questions address employee expectations and how the company met or didn't meet them. This information may be used by the business to re-evaluate its hiring and development practices.

Employer interviewers often ask exiting employees why they decided to take the job and if the duties they were required to be responsible for matched with what they had expected at the time. Other common exit interview questions relate to the leaving employee's favorite and least favorite job duties. The interviewer may also ask the exiting employee about his or her best and worst experiences working for the company.

Exit interview questions about the employee's working experiences with his or her supervisor or manager are extremely common. The interviewer may ask if the training the employee received was a good match for the duties he or she was expected to perform. Commonly, there are questions about whether the knowledge and equipment supplied to the employee were efficient for complying with the supervisor's work expectations. Further common questions during an exit interview may include whether the employee felt supported by the manager and if he or she thought performance reviews were fair.

Questions about the leaving employee's perception of the company's culture are commonly asked during exit interviews. The interviewer is likely to ask how satisfied or dissatisfied the departing individual was with the working conditions and company morale as well as the wages and benefits. During the latter part of the discussion, common exit interview questions may ask for comparisons of the leaving employee's new job with the one he or she had with the company. The interviewer may ask the exiting employee how he or she thinks his or her new job will compare in beginning expectations with this one.


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